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Secondary School Principal

Welcome to MIS.

I am delighted to welcome you to the Metropolitan International School - Viernheim (MIS). I am pleased to introduce myself as the Secondary School Principal. It is an honor to be given the role of leading such a remarkable school, with an amazing group of educators and a magnificent community.

The mission of our school is to prepare students for life and nurture them as leaders and lifelong learners. Our shared value of implementing quality education is based on acceptance, empathy, and respect. We celebrate who we are and what we can do as a community of learners.

It has been a thrill to witness the school grow in size and in the number of new students joining us. It is a pleasure to see that the school has successfully implemented the IB Diploma curriculum over the past three years, with results above the global average and similar accomplishments in the IGCSE exams. As we prepare students for life, MIS graduates are studying in universities not only in Germany, but all over the world.

What is remarkable about our school is the community interactions; the respectful way the students and teachers work with each other, the team spirit in which the teachers approach each other, and the way they collaborate to make MIS a safe and happy place for everybody. In addition to that, I am impressed by the way the students interact with each other and how they build friendships across classes, the upper classes supporting the younger ones with a buddy system that makes the bonding among the students strong. Seeing the alumni students join the graduation ceremonies of the younger classes and meeting them to share their university experiences fills me with pride. Last, but not least, it is a great pleasure to see the parents come to school and support the school and the teachers. For me, MIS is a big family.

Thank you for your interest in our school, and I hope to meet you here in the future. If you have any questions or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Yours sincerely,
Hadi Bou Hassan
Secondary School Principal

Hadi Bou-Hassan
Secondary School Principal