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"Cultivating empathy, a passion for the world and the love of challenge." MIS MOTTO


We are proud to be a center of learning for students from around the world, and the culture we seek to create is focused on supporting them to thrive as individuals, while learning about themselves and the world they are in. We hop to develop in them a passion for learning and to holistically support their development, giving them the confidence to challenge themselves, and to aspire to be global citizens. MIS creates a community which is a place of common understanding, celebration and support.

We believe that learners should love going to school, and that our passion for learning should never fade. We achieve this through our fundamental principles of education, which are: 

  • Education is the development of the individual as a whole - forming character, developing strengths, manners, skill and confidence, not only transferring knowledge.
  • Our aim is to focus on developing the learner in a positive way, highlighting talent, empathy and open-mindedness. 
  • Learning is the product of investigation and experimentation. Through innovative teaching, we encourage independence and resilience, while developing critical thinking and a questioning mind.
  • Every child deserves individual and personal attention to support their academic and emotional development. Every effort is made to ensure that each child feels safe, happy, healthy and is able to achieve.
  • Intercultural communication, mutual respect and understanding are prerequisites for successful learning. This, combined with fluency in a range of languages, is the best possible preparation for the future in a globally connected world. 


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