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Nursery + Kindergarten Locations

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The Metropolitan International School's Early Learning  centers are available in three locations in the Rhine-Neckar-Region in Germany, and our newest location in Geneva, Switzerland. All of our schools are bilingual, which can help open up a whole new world of opportunity for your child. We represents 22 countries of origin, and 13 unique languages.


Why Bilingual Education?

Why is a bilingual education so beneficial if started at an early age? Here are just a few research-based highlights:

  1. Increased cognitive development
  2. Better academic achievement
  3. Increased awareness and appreciation of other cultures
  4. Improved executive brain function (planning, problem solving, self-control, etc.)


Our Concept

The MIS Early Learning program  seeks to inspire early learners through music, theatre, movementsports, and language. We offer an environment for enthusiastic learning and curiosity. We create a setting in which learners can get excited about the process of learning, and can develop into happy and successful citizens of the world. We apply daily opportunities to  develop our students' whole personality, to encourage individual abilities and to provide a protected and friendly atmosphere for learning.

You are invited to schedule a tour at any of our locations (you can find direct emails for each location below.) 


Viernheim is our main campus, serving young learners starting from age 3 all the way through grade 12 .  This is an international Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school, with an IB Diploma Program for grade 11 and 12.  You can learn more about our Viernheim nursery and kindergarten here.  Please schedule a tour by emailing


Our Mannheim Nursery + Kindergarten is centrally located in our newly designed SoHo quarters in Neckarstadt, Mannheim. We are fortunate to be in a beautiful historic building, with a spacious and safe outdoor play area tucked behind the building.  We welcome children ages 10 months to 4 years old, and help prepare them for a confident transition into Primary school.  Please schedule a tour by emailing


Our Heidelberg Nursery + Kindergarten xxxx. We welcome children ages 10 months to 4 years old, and help prepare them for a confident transition into Primary school.  You will find more information about our nursery and our kindergarten in Heidelberg here. Please schedule a tour by emailing


We are excited to announce the opening of MIS Geneva - our 1st international Crèche, Nursery and PreSchool in Switzerland! MIS Geneva is located in the Malagnou district, and offers a wonderful introduction to learning and socialization within a warm and friendly international environment. You can learn more about our MIS Geneva here.  Please schedule a tour by emailing