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Skills Acquired in Primary

MIS Primary Grades 1 and 2 (ages 6 to 8)

In the first two primary years, we surround ourselves in an immersive language environment, where pupils begin to explore a great range of subjects and way of learning. With an emphasis on develop independent and resourceful learners, both local and international curriculums are explored through a range of learning experiences.

Students in these years:

  • Engage in their learning through a range of subjects taught in English and German
  • Develop fluency in reading and writing skills in both languages
  • Engage with specific and varied mathematical and scientific skills, processes and knowledge
  • Develop an understand of local, national and global histories and current events
  • Practice social and independent learning and skills
  • Explore opportunities in creative arts, drama and public speaking

MIS Primary Grades 3 and 4 (ages 8 to 10)

We are able to really delve deeper into what our subject have to offer while building on developing foundational skills onto mastery across subjects. Through a range of learning opportunities students develop an understanding and ambition of their own abilities in enquiry, problem solving, creativity and expression. With a greater enthesis on personal goal setting, self-awareness and the pupil’s on ambitions and values in learning, these years really prepare pupils for the challenges of secondary school.

Students in these years:

  • Continue to explore a range of subjects in both English and German at a native level; 
  • Develop scientific enquiry and investigation skills;
  • Participate in meaningful choices in their own development, and work weekly on personal goal setting, and their own growth mind set;
  • Gain further confidence in communication, leadership and team working; and 
  • Are supported in the preparation and transition to secondary school settings both at the MIS and globally.

Festivities and Customs

We love to celebrate at MIS, and we are very enthusiastic about bringing local and national traditions into the school experience, as well as embracing all the customs and festivities that come from being in such a wonderful international community. We have some highly anticipated annual events including: concerts, community and sports days, field trips, and celebration events. Our older primary classes also enjoy our yearly stay away trips, where we camp all together in wild parks, or spend a week away learning about the world around us.