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Skills Acquired in Secondary

MIS Secondary Gymnasium Grades 5 through 10 (ages 11 to 16)

Our learners are offered a broad and balanced education that is aimed at helping them to thrive throughout their time at school and in their future lives. With a wide range of subject specific lessons taught by experienced specialists, there is a range of opportunities for every learner to develop their creativity, curiosity and love of challenge.

The program is globally recognized and gives a true passport of accredited education to our learners, allowing them to peruse their higher education ambitions.

Students in these years are offered the opportunity to:

  • Study a large range of accredited subjects taught at a globally accredited level by highly specialized staff;

  • Gain experience in self direct projects, leadership roles and public speaking;

  • Explore a wide range of language options, taught at varied levels appropriate to the learners’ personal needs;

  • Engage in international projects with organizations across the globe;

  • Participate in academic and sport trips to countries around Europe; and

  • End of school certification allowing for further study in Germany and around the world.