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Resident Life

The Boarding House team provides a structured week for our boarding students, offering scheduled times for studying, meals, activities and adventures, as well as time for rest.  We welcome girls and boys ages 10 through 18. 

Students will have many opportunities to visit area villages and castles, participate in local sports clubs and music events, and to hike and bike in the beautiful surroundings.  Older students will be able to earn privileges that offer increased independence such as managing their school work and visiting nearby destinations, such as the favorited local gelato cafe and pizza restaurants. Younger students will also have opportunities to participate in these activities with the group. 

Tutoring is also available. Many of our current boarding students take advantage of the opportunity to have some extra tutoring support in language so that they can learn English and/or German quicker than if they were just taking these classes as part of their curriculum. 

I have learned to be more independent and self confident while staying at the MIS Boarding House. I appreciated both the family environment, as well as the adventures that we all experience together such as hiking, sledding and visiting castles and our favorite cafes.

Kalua, age 14


You can learn more about the activities that boarding students have an opportunity to participate in here