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Congratulations Graduating Class of 2022!

Kid, you’ll move mountains.Dr. Seuss


Our Alumni Community

Alumni are a very important part of any school community, and MIS prides itself on the exciting paths that we see our graduates taking.

We are honored and proud to witness your journey as young global citizens, making a difference and positive impact in the world!

We are always delight to be in touch with our graduates, former students, parents and former staff. 

Our alumni community is truly international and through communications and events, we hope to stay in touch with as many of our alumni as possible. 

How to Stay Connected 

Please consider joining our alumni network to stay connected to the MIS community and learn about upcoming events and opportunities.  

If you wish to contact the alumni team directly, please email You can also connect via our Facebook page

In addition, if you wish to support any of our fundraising campaigns, through your talents or through donation, you can learn more about our Ways to Give opportunities here

We look forward to seeing you again soon, either at school or an alumni event!


Alumni Testimony: Pius Bentgens

Throughout the nine years that I attended MIS, I was continuously guided and encouraged by my teachers who shared the same enthusiasm for their subject and thus made learning not just productive, but also very enjoyable.

For my classmates and I especially, we had the privilege of being a small and intimate class the last two years, which allowed for unprecedented levels of teamwork between students and teachers. In fact, they were so enthusiastic and supportive that they would dedicate their own personal time and give us the extra help we needed, not shying away from the extra commitment.

Outside of lessons, the atmosphere and positive energy never deteriorated and even the teachers and staff that weren’t teaching me were always interested in how I was doing and offered support in stressful times. 

I’d like to give a special thanks to my final homeroom teacher, Mr. Sanchez, who not only awoke my interest in physics but also assisted me in gaining the excellent marks that allowed me to enter the T.U. Eindhoven where I will  be studying applied physics.         

Never once at MIS did I have the feeling that I was alone in any way. And this, I believe, made it possible for me to not only gain an excellent education, but have an amazing experience doing so.

Pius Bentgens
MIS Student from Grade 3 - 12
Graduated in 2021 
Currently working at a start up company relating to environmental conservation