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Parents Association

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Metropolitan International School, MIS!

As a proud parent of a current MIS student, you are automatically a special member of the club. We welcome you with open arms. We are a collaboration of parents, teachers and school administration focused on providing teamwork and support to our student and school community. 

 What is the MISPA?

The MISPA is the organization through which parents can participate in the MIS. It provides a setting for a constructive partnership and regular communication between parents, teachers and the school administration in the interest of the school's students.

What does the MISPA do?

Through its commitment the MISPA enriches school life by creating a proactive line of communication between parents and the school administration.

  • Monthly exchange with the school's management.
  • Regular exchange between MISPA representatives, teachers and the school administration by e-mail.
  • Regular MISPA meetings: First Thursday in the month
  • Active support with the organization of events and activities
  • Forum for ideas, suggestions for events and formats. 
  • An opportunity to discuss the opinions and concerns of parents directly with the school administration.
  • A way in which parents can support teachers and the school by contributing ideas, know-how and their own commitment.

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