Boarding House in Birkenau

We want to fulfill some more of our parent's wishes, that is why we are now making it possible for students to attend MIS, even if they do not live nearby. The Metropolitan International School's Boarding School is located in a beautiful village called Birkenau.

The MIS Boarding School Birkenau provides Pyjama Sets, Bed Sheets, Toothbrushes, and, of course, Towel's.

Many Advantages for your child:

There is no doubt, Boarding House life will improve your child's confidence as well as ability to adapt in a different environment from what they are used to. The atmosphere in "The House" is family-like and students will find friends from various places of the world, which can lead to life long friendships.

Our boarding students benefit from excellent academic support by the team, which includes: managers, teacher and house parents that support them in any positive way. There will always be a team member available to give advice and encouragement. All students are assigned a mentor with whom they are able to meet with and discuss academic or personal problems and questions.

We offer a 5- or 7-Day option for your child, see the costs in the table below:

 Grade  Days / Week  monthly  yearly
 5. to 9. Grade  5 Days  906 €  10.872 €
   7 Days  1.268 €  15.216 €
 10. to 12. Grade  5 Days  1.007 €  12.084 €
   7 Days  1.410 €  16.920  €


Additional costs for flights, pocket money, uniform etc. are not included.


How often can the children go back home on the weekends?

Every weekend, always after agreement from parent/guardian.

Can my child try it out for a night?

Yes, if there is space in the MIS Boarding House.

Is the boarding house open on weekends and holidays?

Weekends: Yes, we would be delighted if our students would like to spend the weekend at the MIS Boarding House.
The house is generally closed during holidays, but if the holiday is shorter than one week, foreign students have the option to stay.
The last day of school is the departure day for traveling students.
On the last day of the holiday, The House is open as of 2:00pm.

What do the students do on the weekends?

On Saturday morning, students have designated study time. Saturday afternoons are for sport and free time for the students. There are many options in the area for students to join a sport team and participate in games or competitions. The MIS house parents also offer trips to shopping malls, parks, theaters or cinemas in cities nearby.

Does the MIS Boarding House accept students from other countries?

Of course, we believe that an international society improves the lives for students in the house. For the upcoming school year, we will be welcoming guest students from countries such as Mexico and Italy.

What about nicotine, drugs and alcohol?

All are strictly forbidden. We will perform regular check ups for alcohol and drugs when something is suspected or during random times to be safe. All schools and facilities in this area have a strict no-smoking regulation, and therefore it will not be permitted at MIS either.

Are pets allowed?


Are full aged students allowed to possess their own car or any other motor vehicle while living at the MIS Boarding House?

Yes, after precise consultation with parent/guardian.

Is there a uniform or dress code in the house?

In school, yes. In the MIS Boarding House, no. All students are strongly advised to follow certain ethic standards with the clothes they choose to wear. They will not be allowed to wear clothes with inhumane or extremist messages.

Are laptops, mobile phones or other entertainment devices permitted?

Yes. However, we still want the students to learn and not waste too much time. Also, it will not be permitted to abuse these devices in any form. The Wi-Fi Internet for students 14 years of age will be turned off at 9:00pm, and at 10:00pm for students age 15 years. The Wi-Fi internet for computers in the supervised area will be kept on until 11:00pm (23:00) to do school work.

How will the students be able to engage with parents/guardians?

The contact to the parents/guardians of our students is very important in our opinion. We have open days at school and we are thankful if you are able to visit your child frequently. As parents, you will receive mail about your child's performance at school and in the boarding house as well as how they have developed in an academic and personal way.

How is my child being cared for?

At MIS boarding, the person your child can always talk to is their house or dorm parent. For support for the academic development, every student is assigned a tutor or advisor. They meet occasionally and discuss the student's personal and school related development. They also consistently keep in touch with the parents.

What if my child gets sick?

If your child is sick, the parents will be informed and the child will stay in the house and will be supervised there. If required, we will call a doctor or will get your child to the next doctor´s office. In case of an emergency, there is a hospital in the area and therefore should not have any problems

What is offered outside of classes?

Some of the offers are tennis, soccer, golf, horse riding, mountain biking, ice hockey, rock climbing and swimming. Locally, there are also numerous things to do in the areas of theatre, music, painting and crafts.

How will my child live?

The students' bedrooms are separated by age and gender. There are 2 to 4 beds in each room. In the student hotel, we can add a mattress if required.

What do the students do in the holidays?

During holidays, the school is closed; however, international students can stay in the boarding house if the holiday is less than a week (7 days). Visiting students normally fly back home or stay with a host family.

What about discipline and behavior?

There are known standards that set limits for this concern. These include honesty, reliability, a general consideration for the needs of others and a certain level of respect.
These are expectations from the commonality.
Misbehavior or disobedience will first be discussed; however, if the misbehavior is repeated and no effort to improve is being shown, the student will loose privileges and consequences will be discussed.

Summer Closure / Departure

- Students must depart the house 3 days after the final exam.

- Students are permitted to keep one large box of belongings over the summer which must be clearly labelled and stored in the trunk room.

- All other items left in rooms will be donated to charity.