MIS Welcome Letter for MIS Boarding House Students

We are happy you are thinking about joining us at MIS and if you already made your decision we are very looking forward to meet you!

When we plan to study abroad we may wonder: how will I feel? Will the school and teachers meet my expectations and will I meet theirs? What will I take back home? Will I make friends? Well - it is up to you, and we are here to help. To study in an unfamiliar setting is possibly the greatest challenge you will meet as a student. It is also the greatest opportunity.

The MIS students and staff come from various backgrounds, contributing to its unique atmosphere. Our students achieve outstanding academic success and, equipped with a passion for livelong learning, are prepared to become leaders and innovators of the world. Our staff is expertly trained and are dedicated to their subjects, ready to pass on their passion to you!

All students communicate and act based on values that embrace also the social aspects of learning. In this exceptional environment you will have the chance to truly progress and hone your academic and interpersonal skills. Being a part of MIS will broaden your mindset and your sense of community. What you can do is great. What we can do together is even greater.

Because we are a pioneering school and a tight-knit community, we possess the flexibility that is needed to offer an individualized learning experience. Your stay at our boarding house in Birkenau Bergstrasse will even enhance this experience and help you connect with German culture. Exchange students are housed in one of the oldest buildings of Birkenau, a traditional but spacious structure, providing room for privacy and community. Here, you can lean back after a day at school, enjoy the house’s quaint surroundings or have a barbeque with your housemates on sunny days. Your daily commute via the Weschnitz Valley Railway, a national treasure and the OEG, a train line connecting cities all over the Rhine-Neckar-region, allows you to tap into the outside world and you might end up skipping dinner for the world’s best kebab or a cone of ice cream on the way. MIS regularly organises trips around Germany and Europe for its students, making sure you leave with many great memories.

MIS asks its students to contribute to the energetic atmosphere of the school and the boarding house in a productive way. MIS gives you the opportunity to do your best as it pursues its goal of cultivating empathy, a passion for the world and a love of challenge. It is for you to reach out.



The MIS Boarding Team