Free places available in the Kindergarten

beginning in August 2018, we have some free places available in our Kindergarten in Heidelberg / Neuenheim for your child from 3 years old and above. If you are interested, feel free to contact us at 06221 726 7900 or via Mail


Our staff consists of dedicated native speakers in English, German and Spanish. Our team works together to create a home like environment for the children, where they can develop an emotional relationship with the three languages through positive day to day interactions. We help the children learn maths and science through playful, age appropriate activities, as well as providing music education. We also take regular field trips and forest walks to inspire a love of nature and provide children with a broad range of interesting, valuable experiences.

MIS Heidelberg Kindergarten is a full-day nursery, kindergarten and preschool. The children are educated in a trilingual (English, German and Spanish) environment, using the immersion method. Our Heidelberg location consists of thenursery (children 11 months to 3 years) and the preschool and kindergarten (children 3-6 years). Activities are offered in both English and German, with academic instruction in English for reception 2 and preschool classes. MIS Heidelberg provides full-day education and care from 7:30 until 18:00.


Opening Hours Heidelberg

Monday - Friday

7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Sa. / Su. closed