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Turley-Straße 12

68167 Mannheim

We currently have a few places available for your child in our Nursery and in our Preschool Mannheim, +++ contact for application: 0621 445 882 83 or +++ +++

MIS Mannheim Kindergarten is a private, bilingual full-day Nursery, Kindergarten and Preschool.

We focus on the strengths of children, supporting them individually in their learning processes. We encourage learning through joyful, age appropriate activities, and all our students are highly motivated. We are certain that our children will be happy citizens of the globalised world.

We follow the internationally successful immersion method, and our preschool program meets the requirements of the Cambridge International Education Curriculum as well as the Baden-Württemberg education plan. The curriculum is supplemented by intensive music education with specially trained teachers.

Our students learn social skills preparing them for later life. We have highly motivated and academically trained native speaker teachers who implement the MIS Concept. This provides children with a sense of security and builds confidence. You are cordially invited, along with your child to explore the world of nursery, kindergarten and preschool. 

MIS Mannheim provides full-day education and care from 7:00 until 18:00. Our Mannheim campus consists of the Nursery (children 6 weeks to 3 years) and the Preschool and Kindergarten (children 3-6 years).



MIS Kindergarten & Preschool

MIS Reception Classes (from 3 – 6 years)

In the first two years of kindergarten, the focus is set on the personal development of the child and initial contact for foreign language.
In addition, the following skills will be developed:

  • At least two languages
  • Gross and fine motor skills development
  • Social skills
  • Learning music and songs
  • Acquisition of words, syllables, letters, quantities, numbers, colors and shapes
  • Recognition of and writing of one's name
  • Playful scientific learning projects in English, German and Spanish/French

 In the preschool year, the focus is also autonomous action and the additional appropriation of cognitive abilities. A variety of methods are employed to insure the children's learning styles are accomidated. The school goal is for children to meet the Cambridge curriculum by the end of Preschool Kindergarten Year Stage 1.
Regular documentation, the creation of a portfolio, and informative parent / teacher conferences provide comprehensive feedback to parents.