Our Mission

At the MIS we offer a setting in which children feel secure and enjoy learning.

MIS is Science

Science is a challenge, trying to provide an explanation of the phenomenon that occurs in nature. It is based on understanding that students bring their own ideas, experiences and explanations into the science classroom, and the role of the teacher is to shift the students' ideas, experiences and explanations. We want to create the scientific worldview. Science at MIS is interdisciplinary and multicultural.

MIS is Music

Music fosters the development of intelligence, creativity, language and logical thought
Our school day starts with music and singing in the “daily assembly”
Music is taught by Bernhard Bentgens, composer, songwriter and choir master

MIS is Theatre

A theatre curriculum (kindergarten through to class 9) enriches school life, helps students learn how to present themselves as well as overcome their anxieties. Classes in every year have one "theatre" lesson a week. The school also offers after-lessons study groups for children and young people who are particularly interested in the theatre.

MIS is Movement and Sport

The “Daily Physical Activities” concept integrates simple physical exercises in normal daily routines
In partnership with various sports clubs we offer afternoon sports activities, including basketball, aikido, tennis, ice hockey and football (soccer). (The cost of afternoon sports courses are not included in the school fees).