In 2016, Metropolitan International School started an exchange program with one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Mexico, the Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM). Ever since then, both schools have been forging closer ties as the number of students taking part in the program keeps increasing every semester. If you would like more information about the program, our ties with ITESM and experiences of previous students, please continue reading.



The Tecnologico de Monterrey is a private institution founded in 1943. It currently has 31 schools (campuses) in Mexico, nearly 100,000 students and is regarded as one of the highest ranked universities in Latin America. If you would like to know more about ITESM, please visit their website:

Among our MIS teachers, Mr. Odon Sanchez studied high school at ITESM (Campus Eugenio Garza Lagüera) where he received an honorific mention for academic achievements and graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from ITESM (Campus Monterrey) in 2008 with a special mention for sports achievements. Mr. Sanchez first became a teacher while doing his community service at Programa Tutor in Monterrey and has also taught in China, South Africa and the Maldives before joining MIS in 2014. He obtained his TEFL certification in Prague in 2010, is an IGCSE Physics assistant examiner since 2014 and has attended five Cambridge Professional Development courses in Indonesia, Spain, Germany and Italy. Mr. Sanchez has greatly contributed to the program and helps as a connection between students in Mexico who are interested in the program and to the integration of those who are already taking part.


Our very first ITESM student at MIS, Juan Diego Martinez Garza, joined our school for the September-December 2016 semester and quickly became one our top students. Juan Diego, who had the highest possible academic scholarship (beca de excelencia) at ITESM (Campus San Luis Potosi) displayed excellent behavior and achieved an A* (90% or higher) in all of his subjects including some which he studied for the first time in Germany such as physics. As an MIS student, Juan Diego also took part in field trips to Luxembourg, CERN in Switzerland, EUMETSAT in Darmstadt and the Oktoberfest in Munich among others. In order to share his experience and give advice to future students, Juan Diego wrote a letter to those who will soon be taking part in the exchange program and which can be seen in the image below:


Now that you have read the letter of a student who had a first-hand experience of our exchange program, the MIS management team would also like to share a letter to those ITESM students who are intending to become members of our community with what we consider relevant information for them.