We currently have a few places available for your child in our Nursery and in our Preschool Mannheim, +++ contact for application: 0621 445 882 83 or application-ma@metroschool.de +++ +++

We offer a full day trilingual Nursery, a Kindergarten and Preschool. The MIS Reception program offers full daily instruction in English, German and Spanish along with rotational Art, Music and Sport classes, a strong emphasis on Mathematics and Science and student preparation for the MIS Primary School Curriculum, the Cambridge Primary Program (CIPP).


MIS Reception Classes (Age 3 - 6 )

Reception I (Age 3 + 4)

In the first two Kindergarten years the focus is squarely on learning to separate for a time from the family home, the child's developing personality and initial contact with a foreign language.

  • Fine motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Learning with music and song
  • Getting to know letters, numbers, colours and forms
  • Writing one's own name
  • Playful learning projects in English, German and Spanish


Reception II (Age 4 - 6 and start of School)

In the pre school kindergarten the focus is on assuming responsibility for one's actions and acquiring cognitive skills. Children are prepared for primary school in all sorts of different ways. The aim is to have completed Stage 1 of the Cambridge Curriculum by the end of Reception 2.

  • Continuing work on fine motor and social skills
  • In Stage 1 (Preschool) lessons begin in Mathematics, English, Science, Technology and Social Studies based on the Cambridge Curriculum
  • Health, nutrition and hygiene
  • Playful learning projects in English and German
  • Regular term feedback to parents 


Festivities and customs

We celebrate numerous international festivities and customs with children, including the carnival season, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de mayo, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Martin's Day, Saint Nicholas Day, International Family Day and Chanuka.

We also look forward to Christmas during Advent and run a Christmas Bazaar.
Toys days and the kindergarten festival are fixed dates in the kindergarten year.