The Secondary School Metropolitan International School gGmbH

The bilingual High School of the MIS is aimed at students who are particularly interested in learning the English language close to their mother tongue.

The Curriculum for the bilingual grammar school at the MIS is designed in such a way that students in all disciplines, both on the basis of the "Cambridge International Examinations" program and the Hessian Curriculum, have a well - founded factual knowledge at a high level, trained work techniques and a Depth analysis, judgment and problem-solving ability. Our committed, qualified, international teaching staff supports the learning process and takes an individual and motivating approach to the pupils.

The objectives and the composition of our pupils and teachers are reflected in our lessons. Students receive intensive language and communication training in English and German. This communication training takes into account both interpersonal and intercultural dimensions. A part of the teaching at the MIS is interdisciplinary and also takes place outside the school building: Excursions and Course Trips as well as the possibility to provide Social Services within the framework of School Education are firmly integrated into the School Concept.


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