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The bilingual High School of the MIS is aimed at students who are particularly interested in learning the English language close to their mother tongue.

The Curriculum for the bilingual grammar school at the MIS is designed in such a way that students in all disciplines, both on the basis of the "Cambridge International Examinations" program and the Hessian Curriculum, have a well - founded factual knowledge at a high level, trained work techniques and a Depth analysis, judgment and problem-solving ability. Our committed, qualified, international teaching staff supports the learning process and takes an individual and motivating approach to the pupils.

The objectives and the composition of our pupils and teachers are reflected in our lessons. Students receive intensive language and communication training in English and German. This communication training takes into account both interpersonal and intercultural dimensions. A part of the teaching at the MIS is interdisciplinary and also takes place outside the school building: Excursions and Course Trips as well as the possibility to provide Social Services within the framework of School Education are firmly integrated into the School Concept.


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The French language diploma "DELF scolaire" at the MIS Viernheim

For the third year in a row, the MIS Viernheim Secondary School and the DELF coordinator Myriam Denzel, are offering the "Diplôme d'Études en langue Française" (DELF), which is awarded by the French Ministry of Education. 

This "DELF scolaire" exam is an additional incentive for our French learners, as it is based on the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its language levels and thus officially tests the students' four language skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, text production and oral use). Further information can be found on the website of the French Institutes:

In May/June 2017, Jolanda Bolt and Gianluca Maniaci successfully passed the "DELF scolaire" level A1 for the first time at the MIS; just one year later, she and her classmate Sonja Filipp bravely reached the next level A2. Toutes nos félicitations!

Experience has shown that the part of the oral examination poses the greatest challenge, as it is conducted by external examiners from the "Institut Français" in Heidelberg and the candidates have to adapt to new people quickly. In addition to language skills, a pinch of courage and curiosity for this exciting exam is also required. Of course, together with the French teachers Mrs. Denzel and Mrs. Mueller-Liu, the examination format is continuously practised in realistic situations, role plays and rehearsals. Systematic vocabulary expansion and training in writing, enable the students to understand original language announcements or conversations as well as writing short letters or e-mails.

For this year's "DELF scolaire" A1 in May/June 2019, Ms. Mueller-Liu's French class will learn to master various everyday situations in the French language and culture appropriately. In this way, the candidates not only strengthen their communicative, language-relevant abilities, but also learn to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in language learning and thus gain self-confidence in exam situations and confidence in their own ability.