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Kindergarten and Preschool - Viernheim

The MIS Viernheim is a full day international Kindergarten and preschool. The MIS Reception program offers full day instruction in English, German and Spanish along with rotational art, music and sport classes, a strong emphasis on mathematics and science and student preparation for the MIS Primary School Curriculum, according to the Cambridge Primary Program (CIPP).

MIS Reception Classes (age 3-6 )

Reception 1 (age 3 + 4)

In the first two kindergarten years the focus is squarely on learning to separate for a time from the family home, the child's developing personality and initial contact with a foreign language.

  • Fine motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Learning with music and song
  • Getting to know letters, numbers, colours and forms
  • Writing one's own name
  • Playful learning projects in English, German and Spanish

Reception 2 (4-6 and start of school)

In the preschool kindergarten the focus is on assuming responsibility for one's actions and acquiring cognitive skills. Children are prepared for primary school in all sorts of different ways. The aim is to have completed Stage 1 of the Cambridge Curriculum  by the end of Reception 2.

  • Continuing work on fine motor and social skills
  • In Stage 1 (preschool) lessons begin in Mathematics, English, Science, Technology and Social Studies based on the Cambridge Curriculum.
  • Health, nutrition and hygiene
  • Playful learning projects in English and German
  • Regular term feedback to parents

Primary School - Viernheim

At the MIS we firmly believe that learning must be a positive experience for children if they are to lead fulfilling lives. Our bilingual primary school consequently brings together two essential requirements for successful learning: a first class curriculum and concern for the development of the whole student. Our educational philosophy is to identify and nurture students' individual abilities.

The MIS caters to the needs of

  • families with an international background who have come to Germany for work-related reasons
  • and of families in the region who are keen to have their children grow up in an international and multilingual environment.

The curriculum followed in the bilingual primary school (years 1 to 4) complies with the requirements of the internationally recognised Cambridge International Education programme and the Federal State of Hesse:

  • English teaching is geared to the Cambridge Curriculum.
  • Depending on your child's needs we also teach DaF (German as a foreign language) or ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to non-native speakers.
  • German is taught according to the core curriculum prescribed in the Federal State of Hesse.

Secondary School - Viernheim

MIS Secondary not only provides schooling to German students, but also to students from international families who are living in Germany for a certain period of time and who wish to provide their children with a consistent education based on an internationally recognized curriculum and qualifications.

MIS offers a mostly English-speaking curriculum at Secondary 1 + 2 and Advanced levels taken from the international accepted Cambridge program.

The MIS curriculum, which covers the requirements from the Educational Authority in Hessen and those from Cambridge International Examinations, is designed to provide all our students with a thorough factual grounding at a high level in all subjects.

Our committed and qualified international team of teachers support the learning process in order to motivate and cover their students' individual needs. Some of the teaching at MIS is cross curricular and takes place outside the school building: excursions and course trips as well as the option of doing community service as part of the school's educational programme are firmly integrated in the school concept.

The school's program is rounded off with a shared lunch and the option of taking part in after-school leisure or learning activities from 4 o'clock onwards.