With great pleasure we present the new school uniform to you. School uniform is a perfect means to promote integration and to counteract discrimination.
Throughout the past year we incorporated your suggestions concerning the design of the new school uniform. All who were involved in the selection considered all aspects of cost, quality and style.

As MIS continues to strive for excellence academically and socially, an identifiable school uniform of excellent quality is part of our school policy.
The“Dress for School” company met our goals and provide us with a reliable supplier for all items concerning our uniform.

We do hope you are satisfied with our result.

To make sure you order the right size check our body dimensions chart.

Recommended basic quantity for the KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN

3-4     Polos /Shirts/Blouses
3        Pullover/Cardigans
3-4     Sports shorts or sports pants long (SAFETY NOTE: NO ZIPS OR BELTS ALLOWED!)
1-2     Polo Dresses /GIRLS Pinafores 
1-2     Polos
1        each of other sport uniform items

Please click here to order the latest items of school uniform for Kindergarten/Nursery.

Recommended basic quantity for students 1st – 12th Year

2-3     Sleeveless Pullovers/Cardigans
3        Trousers
1-2     Polos Sport
1        Sport clothing  (this can be chosen by parents)
2-3     Polo Dresses/GIRLS pinafore /sleeveless pullovers
1        Blazer (Girls)

Please click here to order the latest items of school uniform.

Please note: Only* the school uniform from “Dress for Schools” is allowed and please remember to label every single item! Order here: www.gutmarkiert.de 
*(Parents may use the original school shirts/blouses with embroidered logo until they are too small. Please do not use another shirt with the ironed on ‘patch’ logos)