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Moving to a new school (and sometimes a new country) can mean lots of changes for children and their families. Which is why we’ve made sure paying our school fees are as simple, straightforward and flexible as possible.

We have a number of payment options available, meaning you can choose the one that works best for you.

Payment types:

You can pay for fees and tuition directly into Metropolitan International School Viernheim via:

Wire bank transfer (yearly, six-monthly, discount)

Monthly payment Direct Debit (SEPA, monthly)

To ensure that you find it easy to pay admission, enrollment and tuition fees on time, we're pleased to offer a number of payment options designed to suit families of all backgrounds.


Payment must be made in Euro.

Convenient, structured payments for an outstanding education

If you’re enrolling your children at Metropolitan International School, you may have questions about tuition fee and scholarships. If you have a specific query that is not answered on these pages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll answer them in person. 

Registration and Application Fees

The application fee (50 €) is payable at the day of application. If the student is accepted to MIS, this fee will be deducted from the registration fee. The registration fee is a single payment made upon acceptance and confirmation of your child’s place at our school. At present, this registration fee is waived for any child joining from a school in the Viernheim, Heidelberg or Mannheim School, regardless of the proposed year of entry. In line with normal entry procedures, we ask for payment of € 2.500 per child to confirm their place.

School Fees 

Our school fees vary depending on Grade levels.

Payment Terms

School fees are payable at least a month in advance of the beginning of the relevant term and may be reviewed annually.

Fees are payable in following options:

Yearly Payment 2% off
Semester Payment 1% off
Monthly payment Direct Debit 

Tax Concessions

Half of the contributions paid by parents are allotted to the school fees, the other half to the mentoring of the students. In accordance with current tax laws, this means: 30% of the school fees, 5.000€per child at most, are tax reducible as special expenses for parents. For children who are not 14 years old yet, and who have both parents working, parents can claim 2/3 (two thirds) of the mentoring costs, 4.000 € at most, as tax allowable expenses or deduction from taxable income. This information is given as endorsement without recurs, and in accordance with the best of our knowledge. Furthermore, we suggest you contact your tax advisor.