Klasseneinstufung im internationalen Vergleich

Thank you for the interest in the Metropolitan International school. We pride ourselves in supporting and guiding each student to reach their potential both academically and with social and emotional development. Below is a description of how we place new students into a selected grade to ensure their needs are met.


Our grade classes incorporate not only children of similar age, but also learning styles and abilities.

The MIS policy reflects the reality that such decisions are made on the basis of multiple criteria, including but not limited to: performance in class; past records, including various measures of student growth; parent and teacher recommendations; and any other appropriate sources of information.  It further reflects that abilities and understandings are inline with both our German state and Cambridge international curriculums when considerations are made in student placement and promotion.  


In order to qualify for a guaranteed place in a set grade or class, a school assessment must be completed. These assessments may be completed in an accredited overseas institution that ensures the M.I.S assessment requirements are met. Information of which can be found in the assessment bundle or upon request. These assessments are to attain English and Maths skills. For younger years, a motor skills and social skills assessment is also required. (please not that Reception 2 and Grade 1 assessments are not available for overseas testing)

The completion of set assessments does not guarantee a place in the school, but is used to provide an indicator of aptitude.

For further information into our grade requirements, please contact our school office. 

allgemeine, internationale Klasseneinstufung, basierend auf dem Alter des Kindes am 1. Oktober

 Metropolitan International  School

Alter ihres


USA, Kanada  Deutschland 

 Vereinigtes Königreich









1. Klasse 6 Grade 1 Klasse 1 Year 2  Standard  1 Course preparatiore Prathom 1 Groep 3 Year 1 Grade 1 K Grade 1
2. Klasse 7 Grade 2 Klasse 2 Year 3 Standard 2 C.E. 1 Prathom2 Groep 4 Year 2 Grade 2 1 Grade 2
3. Klasse 8 Grade 3 Klasse 3 Year 4 Standard 3 C.E. 2 Prathom3 Groep 5 Year 3 Grade 3 2 Grade 3
4. Klasse 9 Grade 4 Klasse 4 Year 5 Standard 4 C.M. 1 Prathom 4 Groep 6 Year 4 Grade 4 3 Grade 4