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Exam Preparation

The TestDaF (Test German as a Foreign Language)  and TELC (The European Language Certificates) exams are central, standardized language tests for university entrance and/or career requirements. 

The TestDaf is a language proficiency test required for entry to a German university and to undertake all classes in the German language.

These tests examine the competence areas reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression in four subtests. All four subtests are mandatory and have the same weighting. The topics and tasks of the test relate to the university context, but are not subject-specific, but rather generally understandable. The entire test, including all work instructions, is written in German. The test takes about three hours in total.

The TestDaF is primarily for applicants who have acquired their qualifications at a school abroad and who want to start studying in Germany or who would like to continue studying in Germany. In accordance with the regulations in the State University Act,  students need proof of German language skills. Others who may need this qualification include:

  • Students who have to prove their knowledge of German in their home country,
  • Students who come to Germany to study as part of an exchange program and then want to receive proof of their language skills,
  • People who need proof of their knowledge of German for scientific professions.

For more information on the exam, or to schedule a time to take the TestDaF or TELC exam, please contact Wolfgang Rodriguez at