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8 Questions All Parents Should Ask

(Une version française des 8 questions peut être trouvée ici !)

At MIS Geneva, our team is so excited and passionate about our approach to learning, our vision, and being able to witness amazing growth and a love of learning unfold before our eyes each and every day. We know that a safe and inspiring learning environment during these important years of development is a sometimes challenging decision for parents, as it needs to feel like an extension of family. 

For those of you currently looking for a nursery or preschool (or créche) for your child, we encourage you to ask the following important questions to all early learning centers so you can make a decision that best suits your family and child. We have provided our answer below for your convenience. 

8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Choosing a Nursery

Nous espérons que ces informations vous ont été utiles. Nous vous souhaitons bonne chance dans votre recherche d'un environnement favorable et inspirant pour votre enfant. Si vous avez des questions sur ce qui précède, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter à l'adresse   Julia Bentgens, MIS Fondateur