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MIS Geneva Uniform

If you went to Nursery or Preschool in Switzerland, you may not be accustomed to the concept of uniforms for this age group. For many of our international families, uniforms are normal.

Why are uniforms an important part of our concept?  

“First of all, there is no need for parents to discuss the outfit in the morning, and secondly, it creates a good community climate,“ explains Managing Director Julia Bentgens. “Our students come from different countries and have different backgrounds. The uniform is intended to strengthen the feeling of togetherness.“  (Translated excerpt from an interview by the RNZ with founder Julia Bentgens.) 

In addition, the soft cotton pants with elastic waistband in nonrestrictive and supports playing, posture and development.

This clothing does not come from fast fashion stores and thus also contributes a small part to sustainability, which is always an ongoing effort for MIS. We also encourage that gently used uniforms be shared with other families when they are no longer of use. 

And what does the uniform in our Nursery / Preschool look like? Comfortable cotton tees, jumpers, dresses and blue trousers.  All are in navy blue with the MIS logo.

For our outdoor adventures in the summer, when it’s humid, there is an overall for the little ones that keeps them dry and allows them to move freely.

A limited size run and select items can be purchased at MIS Gèneva, but parents can now order directly from our local vendor in order to select the pieces you prefer, and have them delivered directly to your home!

Details for ordering are below. 



Order Now for Summer Delivery!

We have found a great, local partner in Geneva to make our uniform!

MIS Geneva families can go to and pre-order now for a summer 2022 delivery. This will enable you to get new pieces by mid-August for the new academic year!

Once on the website, click on "E-Shop" and enter the below: 

Username: MISnp
Password: mis22

You can find  more information on why we wear uniforms at MIS Geneva here


order uniforms here!