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MIS Viernheim - Primary and Secondary

MIS - Main Campus
Ages 4 years to 18 years old (REception through Grade 12)
Open weekdays, 8:00 to 17:00
Located at Walter-Gropius- allee 3  68519 viernheim
(Languages: German, English, Spanish)


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MIS Viernheim is our largest campus, serving ages 4 years through 18 years. This includes our Early Learning Program, Primary (grades 1 through 4), Secondary (grades 5 through 10) and our our IB Diploma Program (grades 11 and 12.) 

We have a very diverse community, representing 22 countries of origin and 13 languages

The school day begins at 8:30 and ends at 15:30 for all student (aside from the IB Program, which may run a little longer.) 

We generally accept new students throughout the school year, as families are often moving to Germany due to work contracts. We also have a number of students at MIS who are native speakers and born in Germany, in which we greatly enjoy the supportive community that this helps to create. 

The MIS Early Learning program and Primary School (grade 1 through grade 4) focuses on inspiring a love of learning for a lifetime. We help identify strengths of each child, supporting them individually in their unique learning processes. We encourage learning through joyful, age appropriate activities in order to keep all children highly motivated. 

Language Immersion

We are a bilingual school, speaking both English and German in the classroom, and Spanish as an additional language course. The core curriculum is taught in English.

We follow the internationally successful Immersion Method, and our preschool program meets the requirements of the Cambridge International Education Curriculum as well as the Hessen education plan.  We have highly motivated and academically trained native speaking teachers who implement our MIS concept. This provides children with a sense of security and builds confidence, especially in throughout Primary School.

Students that reach grade 5 will need a B1 level of English in order to progress in the curriculum. We do currently have support for students that are close to that level, but need just a little more instruction.  Students entering our IB Diploma Program will need a C1 Level of English. 

You can learn more about MIS on our video page here

We would like to invite you, along with your child, to explore the exciting world of MIS Viernheim!