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School Clubs

July 1, 2021 Update: Due to current hygiene protocols surrounding COVID-19, we anticipate having limited club activities until Fall 2021, when hopefully we can continue with the fun as usual.  Fortunately, we have been able to continue individual music lessons throughout the past year, and plan to continue offering these lessons. )

At MIS we strongly believe in the value of enrichment activities that compliment academic and personal development. We offer a range of diverse activities for students to help explore additional skills, talents and interests.

Students are strongly encouraged to engaged in the extra-curricular activities, whether within the school our with external clubs and local offerings. 

Clubs generally take place after school including sports, music and academic clubs.

MIS Music

MIS embraces all opportunities around music and theater. Our music program is a beloved focal point of our school, and is enjoyed by many students, whether it be in a class setting or private lessons with some world class musicians These lessons often take place during the school day, or directly after school. There are numerous opportunities to learn and perform including concerts, class performances and annual celebrations.

Below is a list of partnering musicians who teach private lessons at our school, as well as an overview of band opportunities. 


Featuring Mr. Peter Antoni

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Featuring Ms. Elisabeth Eftimova

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Featuring Mr. Tom Beisel

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Featuring Ms. xxx

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Featuring Mr. Oliver Kuka

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MIS Sports

While we had limited opportunities to host sports camps in the 2020/2021 academic year, we are very excited to start our recreational sports camps again in the coming year.

In the past, our MIS Sports Program has included fußball/soccer, basketball, martial arts and yoga.  We hope to get these started again, beginning in the fall. 

We also partner with sports organizations in the area for tennis, hockey and swimming. Coaches will come to the school or have nearby facilities for children to learn these sports from the ground up.

In addition to recreational sports, we also have a number of students who compete in club sports at a high level such as fußball/soccer, hockey, swimming and horseback riding. Teachers work closely with students and parents so that children can still participate in regular practices and it doesn't impact their academics.

MIS Recreational Sports





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Recreation Community Partners





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