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Are you a student-athlete in search of an environment that can help bring you to the next level? MIS invites you to reach your full potential.

Don't just raise the bar. Set the bar.

Joining the MIS Family is an opportunity to experience a different culture, immerse yourself in the German language and international community, all while continuing your academics and sports training at a high level. 
Student-athletes have the option to reside at our newly renovated boarding house, participate in a highly-respected academic curriculum and train at top tier local athletic clubs. MIS offers mentorship and support by helping to develop carefully planned schedules around academics and athletics to allow student-athletes the best opportunity to be successful in both.   

MIS Support for Student-Athletes Can Include: 

  • Residence at the MIS Boarding House
  • Nutritional meal plan
  • Transportation to and from school                 
  • Transportation to and from training   
  • Assistance in finding local athletic clubs/partnerships for training opportunities 
  • Schedule planning for both academics and athletics             
  • Supplemental athletic training at MIS training facilities


Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Kevin durant


You will be joining a wonderful, diverse community of very successful and driven student-athletes from all over the world, playing the highest level of fußball, handball, ice and field hockey and many other sports.

This program is available for students ages 14+. For more information please contact Peter Harangi.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. 

Michael scott