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School Trips


We know learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom, and there is a world of opportunities outside of school that are key to a great school experience. Below is information on just a few excursions that we participate in.


Primary School Class Trips

(Grades 1 through 4)

Through Primary we look to explore what our local area has to offer, with every class integrating visits and trips into their learning progressions and visiting many local amenities. These include; community centers, zoos, farms, museums and exhibitions and general days out in nature full of fun and exploration. 

We also have our stay-away trips in Grade 3 and 4, where we pack our bags and set off for an extended adventure. Grade 3 spend the night camping with wolves at a wild park deep in the forest, while our Grade 4s spend three nights away at a specialist youth hostel, where they can celebrate their end of year, and make lasting memories before their transition to Secondary school.

Secondary School Class Trips

(Grades 5 through 10)

In the secondary years we carry on this tradition of adventure, with Grades 5 and 6 beginning each year with a week away with the world famous Outward Bound outdoor education program. Students spend the week learning to hike, climb and team build high in the alps, utilizing the first weeks of the year to build strong and meaningful relationships with their classmates, and developing a better understanding of themselves and their goals.

We also have a great tradition in the older secondary years with away trips at the end of every class’ year. Over the years we have been all around Europe on adventures; exploring through a range of activities including windsurfing, camping, historical sight seeing and more. 

Other exciting opportunities in secondary school include snowboarding and skiing trips, school exchange programs through the Erasmus program to Portugal and Austria, as well as many day trips throughout the year, aimed at giving an experiential, hands on and enjoyable addition to the learning experience 

If you are a parent or organization that has a unique idea or opportunity for a future school trip, please reach out to us at the following email: