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We are excited to introduce NEW UNIFORMS from a great local vendor!

MIS continues to strive for excellence academically and as well as socially, and an identifiable school uniform of  excellent quality is part of our school policy.

Throughout the past year we incorporated parent and student suggestions concerning the design of the new school uniform. Many thanks to all who participated in discussing all aspects such as cost, quality and style.

We take great care to ensure that our uniform is practical and meets the needs of both our students and families. We work closely with a local suppliers to maintain the highest quality possible, as well as to ensure and easy ordering process  for families. 

We also made sure to include opportunities for students to express themselves through optional accessories such as hair ties and neck ties. 

(Please note: If you choose, students may use the former MIS embroidered uniforms until they no longer fit. Also note that only our MIS uniform pieces are allowed and should not be substituted by similar looking clothing, such as blue pants and skirts. Style and color of shoes are optional.)

NEW pattern!

Ordering Uniforms for 2022/2023!

There are many great MIS uniform pieces to choose from. This includes a new plaid pattern!

We use two vendors that you can select pieces from, in which you will be able to order directly. Please note, you must order by August 7, 2022, in order to receive items before the start of the coming school year. 

My Uniform

M.Y. Uniformes

At M.Y. Uniformes, you can use the following login information: 
                                              Preschool and Nursery:                                        Primary/Secondary: 
                                                  User Name: MISnp                                                      User Name: MIS
                                                  PW: mis22.                                                                      PW: mis22


For questions regarding Secondary sizing (age 14+) please email them at

Why do we choose to wear school uniforms at MIS?

We have found that school uniforms not only help promote integration into a multi-cultural school, but also counteract discrimination.

This also helps to reduces stress for students, particularly for those in transition to a new country, and enables our students to focus on their education rather than their clothes or socioeconomic differences. 

We also find that wearing uniforms enhances school pride and community spirit.  

Recommended Starter Kit for Early Learning Ages

  • 3 polos / shirts / blouses
  • 2 pullovers or cardigans
  • 1 to 2 Polo Dresses (girls)
  • 2 sports tops
  • 2 sports shorts or pants

Please click here to order the latest items of school uniform for Kindergarten/Nursery.

Recommended Starter Kit for 1st through 10th Grade

  • 4 polos / shirts / blouses
  • 2 pullovers or cardigans
  • 3 trousers
  • 2 to 3 polo dresses (girls)
  • 2 sports tops
  • 2 sports shorts or pants
  • 1 blazer

Please note: 11th and 12th grade wear "business casual" attire. 

Please click here to order the latest items of school uniform for students.